url77Remember to wear green to the gym today!  Or there will be pinching in your future.  Muahahahahaha…..

St. Patricks Day WOD

Like Deck of Cards

20 min AMRAP

Diamonds = Four Leaf Clover Lunges

Hearts = Swing your Pot of Gold

Clubs=Bar Hops

Spades = Pick Up Your Gold

Jokers = 25 Burpees

Hey all! Happy Sunday! Michele is competing in her first CF competition today! I am so proud of you Michele, your strength and determination are inspiring. You have come so far and I know you will continue to grow and improve and kick butt!


REMINDER! Next Monday, the 17th is dress up day!  Wear something green for St. Paddy’s Day!

Today’s Workout:


3×10 Weighted Good Mornings


21 Deadlift


Run 250

15 Deadlift


Run 400

9 Deadlift


Run 650

REMEMBER: Tomorrow there is a class at 7am! Its sure to kick your bootie and start your weekend off right! Let me know if you plan on coming.

Here is today’s workout:

Bring Sally Up

Back Squat

Run 650

Bring Sally Up


Run 650


Hi all!  Please join me in welcoming our very first coaching intern, Lisa McGinnis.  Lisa will be shadowing me while I coach, as well as some coaching on her own.  Here is a little bio so you can get to know her better:



I was first introduced to Crossfit in Yuma in 2011. I had never heard of Crossfit and when my husband tried to get me started I was very intimidated and not interested at all.
The first couple of weeks were physically brutal but I kept going. At first I was very competitive and focused on time and weights lifted but I soon decided that I really wanted to train kids in Crossfit one day and I decided to concentrate on proper technique over time.
With a great deal of support, encouragement and mentoring from Windy I became Crossfit Level One certified in Nov. 2013. I have found the Crossfit box I want to be a part of for life. Crossfit Is a way of life for me.
I will continue to improve my technique, skills and help motivate others.


Here is your workout for today

4 rounds

1 min at each station


Sit Up

Pull Up or Ring Row

Squat (weighted or unweighted)

Push Up


Dress up day this month will be March 17th!  Wear your favorite, greenest clothes and we will WOD for St. Patty’s day!

Here is your workout for today


practice Double Unders for 5 min




Run 650

15 OHS

20 Lateral Bar Hops

Run 250

15 Front Squat

20 Lateral Bar Hops

Run 250

15 Thrusters

20 Lateral Bar Hops

Run 250

15 Pistols (each leg)

20 Lateral Bar Hops

Run 650